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Isabella Trimmel can be versatile but very focused at the same time. As a painter she did a lot of exhibitions within a short period of time. Beside her massive output as a painter she developed her photography themes and found new ways to bring her photos to audiences which are not congruent with the regular gallery viewers and visitors of art fairs. Often she tries to adapt her works to make them fit in public places and rooms (e.g. Hotels, Hospitals). Therefore she shows a clear effort to bring art back into public areas and also a strong engagment to optimize the esthetical effect. The regular gallery display isn’t enough for her but not neglected as her many exhibitions clearly show. The emphasis on different display formats and areas shows that Isabella Trimmel is thinking in social terms while working on her powerful and moving paintings an photos.
In a recent development Isabella Trimmel combines her expressive but also abstract painting style with enlargement and printing technologies from photographs displayed as huge prints. She tells us about her newest project:
“In my current project "Moments Without Time" I am working with the effect of enlargement. Despite my work's fine but vigorous manner large scale prints offer the possibility of unexpected presence and dynamics. Large scale prints are the focus of my work since projecting "Viewtransfer" a couple of years ago. It inspired me to enlarge my small scale ink drawings. The large prints are published on demand limited to 10 copies each in variable size allowing me adapting them to different room situations.” The author Stephan Denkendorf found the right words to describe the impact of
"Moments Without Time":
“The individual touch on a sheet of paper certainly looses its miniature nature by enlargement. But the structure of uncountable lines neither gets more intense nor more permeable by enlargement. The movement of the artist's hand lasts: solidification can not be noticed. Isolation, intersections and relations created by Isabella Trimmel in small scale drawings do not lose energy by enlargement. Seeing something enlivened the viewer is squeezed just as little as if looking through boughs. And there is always a feeling of a horizon amidst these condensations and omissions. A feeling of something behind it putting a spell on the viewer, taking him into textures borderless and out of gravity.”
It would be an underestimation of Isabella Trimmels creative energy to think this project would be enough. Further developments in her photography resulted in new and fresh views of architecture and industrial infrastructures, e.g. power plants, which she also tends
to present in large prints and with a unique coloring.

ArtConcept von Isabella Trimmel
Die künstlerische Arbeit bezieht sich auf die Perspektive, die Tiefe in den Bildern und das große Format durch welches eine neue Realität und die raumerweiternde Wirkung der Arbeiten entsteht.
Die bewußte Wahrnehmung von Motiv und Farbe ist zweitrangig. Ausschlaggebend ist die Wirkung auf das Unterbewußtsein, welches nach einer gewissen Zeit des nicht Betrachtens eine Stimmungsveränderung hervorruft. Ausschlaggebend dafür sind die Größe und dadurch die Dominanz der Arbeit im Raum.